Sunday, November 4, 2007

wish lists and last night's dinner

Phew.. I just got done starting a wish list for myself. Every year people ask me what I want for my b-day and X-mas and often I'm at a loss for what to say. It will be easier to just have a nice tidy weblink to give everyone. Now I just need to put one together for each of the kids and B too.
It's a bit more time consuming than I anticipated. I should probably take a break from the computer and do some housework. B was a sweetheart and did some major cleaning on his days off and so now all I have to do is maintain it. Should be a piece of cake, right? Let's hope so. I did some very light Yoga a few days ago and now my hips are aching like crazy. I've got about five weeks left to go before this baby is due and I already feel like my due date was yesterday. I fluctuate between extreme lethargy and body aches to these bursts of nesting energy. It's strange.

I still have yet to cultivate a strong enthusiasm for cooking but thank heavens my darling husband likes it. Last night he made a delicious dinner of corn on the cob, creamy mashed potatoes and baked salmon. Check out the main dish.. yuuuum.

Did I mention that my husband is wonderful?

Ooh I should also mention that Zay is using the potty during the day now.. Without accidents! Whoooo hoooo! I love love love it!

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