Wednesday, October 22, 2008

on politics

Part of the reason that I've been in a blogging slump lately is that I'm spending way to much time glued to the news. Between the scary rumblings of impending economic depression and the historical Presidential election I can't seem to tear myself away from discussion forums and Charlie Rose.

One thing I want to document here is Colin Powell on Meet the Press. He is the first person I've seen on the media address something that I think is very important. With all this talk about whether or not Obama is a Muslim (obviously he is not) the underlying assumption is that if he were a Muslim that would somehow make him unfit to be President. Considering that we live in a nation founded on religious freedom and populated with a very diverse range of people I find this assumption very anti-American.

I'll let you watch this clip and hear for yourselves what Powell says on the matter.

Here is the picture that he is talking about. I can only imagine how offensive all the propaganda about Obama possibly being a Muslim with it's underlying implication of intolerance must be for families such as those of this fallen soldier. To think that a man who fights and dies for his country would be deemed by so many people as unacceptable as a possible leader of the nation based on his religion is horrible.

on matters of my health

I'm feeling so much better these days and I believe that it has everything to do with taking a daily prenatal multivitamin + magnesium suppliment + flax oil Every. Day.
I knew I should have been taking a daily vitamin but I'd let that drift into a once a week sort of habit and didn't think anything of it until these slightly annoying chronic issues grew into headaches and joint aches that were freaking me out. I'm convinced that it was nothing more than a vitamin deficiency because these symptoms have pretty much disappeared these past three weeks with my new regimen of supplements. This goes to show me that there is a very good reason that nursing mothers are told to take their vitamins. Apparently I am not some kind of superhuman that can ignore that fundamental rule of good health. Who knew?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Well.. I'm feeling much better today. B came home from work yesterday and said that he's heard that some kind of bug is going around that gives people awful headaches. Funny but that was incredibly reassuring. I was then reminded that almost every time I feel an illness coming on there there is this paranoid worrying about a chronic condition that always overtakes me. Then it turns out to just be another bug and I get better and that is that. When will I learn?