Tuesday, October 30, 2007

pregnant gypsy pool shark

Last Saturday the kids spent the night at their Grandma's house for the first time. It was Zay's first overnight EVER. It went pretty well. She did wake up at 3 and refuse to go back to bed but quickly went back to sleep with Grandma on the couch. Q got abit homesick but he said he had fun anyway.

B and I went out to a Halloween party at the Howling Dog all dressed up. He was a pirate, as were his friends that we met up with there. I was sort of a fortune teller or something. I was going for a witchy pirate look but people at the bar referred to me as a gypsy. Close enough. The highlight of the night was playing pool. I don't get to do it much these days but back in my single, pre-munchkin days, I was a regular at the Watertrough- a Portland dive featuring several cheap pool tables, pool shark regulars and great bartenders. If I might toot my own horn abit, I got pretty good at the game. As it turns out, with a bit of concentration, it's much like riding a bike, it would seem. Saturday night I was in top form; I made several tough shots and no one beat me all night. Okay so I only played three games before we had to go home due to B needing to get sleep for work in the morning, but they were three awesome games, lemme tell you. People seemed to get a kick out of the pregnant gypsy kicking butt at pool. It was quite the confidence booster, I must say. (Even if I did have the sober advantage over the drunken people I played)

I made a difficult shot that required alot of side english, a bank shot into the side pocket and my dreaded shot wherein the object ball is directly in the center of the table and the cue ball is centered at the other end of the table- usually a scratch shot but with the proper english and just the right amount of gentle touch, I made it into the corner pocket. Whoooweee did that one make my night.

My only major complaint of the evening was the smokiness of the place. Ugh. I found myself squatting down to get to the fresh air closer to the floor in between my turns. The smoke was really nauseating.. I don't know how people can stand going to such places regularly.
All in all it was a really entertaining night though. Surprisingly, about 95% of the people were in costumes which made for great people watching.

Monday, October 29, 2007

a new blog

Allrighty. Here I go again. Trying the blog thing. I'm moving away from Livejournal (old blog: http://harpyr.livejournal.com) over here to Blogger because I like the ability to customize the header with a graphic of my own creation... Not that I've gotten off my duff and done that yet but it's on my to do list. Just as soon as I come up with an appropriate blog title. Easier said than done, no doubt. It might help if I could pin down exactly what it is I want to blog about. I'm so all over the board. I like to knit, I'm studying midwifery, I want to keep friends and family updated on the goings on around my house and I've got lots of opinions on a wide variety of topics that I like to share from time to time. I suppose this will just be a mishmash of all that stuff instead of being focused on just one.

Let's see.. where to begin?
I should be cooking dinner right now. Unfortunately I don't like cooking so this procrastination is a frequent problem for me. Zay is helping her daddy feed the snakes right now and Q is across the street playing with his buddy. We need to watch a movie that is due back tonight but Heroes is on at 9 and it's already 7... and B needs to get up and be at work by 5 am. There just aren't enough hours in the day it seems at times. He just told me that the store where he works doesn't allow any food or drink in the bakery. So he can't even have a water bottle with him and has to drink water on his breaks or at lunch. That's soo messed up. People need to hydrate more often than that. He said he's had a headache all day today and I'm thinking that this store policy is likely contributing to it.

*sigh* Okay.. My tummy is rumbling and time is awastin' so I'm off to make some dinner.