Tuesday, December 4, 2007

waiting... not so patiently

Last night I had a good strong contraction right before I fell asleep and was hopeful that it could be the start of something but it doesn't seem to have led anywhere. Bummer. I am very eager for this baby to be born. The sooner the better for so many reasons, but especially for her own good. I mean, her birthday is going to be close to Christmas as it is but to have it suuper close to it is a bummer for any kid who quickly realizes that they get less birthday presents than, say, a July baby. Not to mention the challenge of trying to schedule a party when half of your friends may be gone on holiday vacation. Yeah, it's in her own best interests that Meara waste no time in getting herself earthside in a timely manner. Also, December 9th is a pretty good date astrologically.. she'd be a double Sagittarius- sun and moon- It is afterall, the night of the new moon. Which is cool. A couple days earlier would be even cooler, since she would have a Scorpio moon to go with her Saggie sun just like her mama. Though I'm not sure I should wish that on the poor child. It's got some perks but it's also a challenging moon sign to carry. If she's going to be late then she'd better skip over the later half of the 10th and the 11th and 12th.. A Capricorn moon is the toughest of all moon signs, and has a tendency to reflect a difficult mother figure in one's life. Yikes.. I'm really hoping baby plays nice and just arrives as scheduled so I don't have to worry about the possibility that I'm one of "those" mothers.

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