Saturday, January 9, 2010


I finished my scarf on Thursday. I absolutely love it, flaws and all. It has such a different feel than knitting and it was soooo much faster. Probably a total of 6 or 7 hours, spaced over the course of a week. I worked in short bursts, given the constant interruption of children. Of course now today I've experienced a constant pain in my right shoulder and I'm wondering if it was because of the movement required during weaving. Certainly I need to give it break so I haven't started on a second yet. Not to mention I need to focus on some other higher priority projects.

It's been a year now that I've had my spinning wheel and it's still not finished. I'm so very disappointed in myself for not finishing it by that self imposed deadline. I took it apart yesterday and have been working on it. I really like the way it's turning out and the resistance that I'd been feeling towards working on it these last couple months melted away once I dismantled it and just put the wood burning pen in my hand. It would seem the best cure for procrastination is just putting myself in motion. I'd been hoping (somewhat irrationally) that I could get the wheel done in time to spin up the fiber that's in the mail on its way to me as we speak. It's a spin-along for the months of Jan/Feb. It's my first spin along and I'm looking forward to it but I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have to reassemble the wheel before it's finished if I want to get the yarn spun up in the allotted time. Oh well. Truth be told I haven't spun any yarn on my wheel in quite some time and I'm itching to get to it.

Well I'll wrap this up because it's waaay past my bedtime yet again.

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