Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things

1. I enjoy brown miso as a sandwich condiment.

2. I was teargassed by riot cops and nearly swept out to sea all in one day in Miami. The picture is from that day. >>>

3. I've birthed 3 babies underwater and the idea of landbirth scares me.

4. My knowledge of astrology far exceeds the average person's and I once considered becoming a professional astrologer.

5. I am a serial hobbyist. I have a tendency to adopt more art and craft interests than I could ever possibly have time for.

6. I am addicted to internet surfing. No one website in particular.. I just flow amongst many. I seem to get sucked into some kind of vortex where time ceases to exist until someone calls me back to real life by demanding my attention. Despite this, I stink at replying to emails in any kind of timely fashion.

7. I hate washing dishes.

8. I can recognize and identify a wide variety of ball python color morphs.

9. My maternal grandmother's uncle- Walter Harper, was the first man to reach the summit of Denali.

10. Ten years ago I was hospitalized for three weeks after a psychotic break from reality. You might say I'm a psycho in remission. Consequently I have a very keen understanding of the fragility of sanity.

11. I still still harbor my childhood dream of becoming a comic book artist.

12. I often wish my Grandma Sandberg could see how well I knit today. She tried teaching me when I was about 12 and I failed miserably. It's my favorite hobby now.

13. My first child was born on Friday the 13th.

14. After developing a strange allergic reaction to the oils in coffee I had to switch to tea and now have chai every morning.

15. I home school my kids.

16. My favorite game is pool and I don't get to play nearly often enough now that I have kids.

17. I fantasize about living in an intentional community that focuses on sustainable living and permaculture.

18. I just started drinking a daily tonic of apple cider vinegar, raw honey and baking soda. It's fizzy and surprisingly delicious!

19. I am using cooking shows as a tool to force myself to enjoy cooking. It seems to be working... slowly ... but surely.

20. When I finally build my own home it will be made of straw bale.

21. I've lived in Fairbanks, Alaska.... Madison, Wisconsin.... Portland, Oregon.... and Nederland, Colorado. I still can't decide where it is that I want to settle in for the long haul.

22. I'm not very good at writing lists or managing my time but I recognize that these are skills I absolutely need to cultivate in order to get what I want out of life. I'm a work in progress yet.

23. After experiencing death intimately I no longer fear it for where it may take me. My only fear is leaving behind loved ones who may still need me.

24. I am a worrier.

25. I am a optimist.


AfternoonMoon said...

I saw your spinning wheel and that brought me to your website. Wow, that is amazingly fantastic.

You should drop in to one of the knit-nights with the Fiberistas and show us that wheel (if you want to haul it around) it is absolutely stunning.

I lived in Madison for a while (Stoughton, actually) and we go to Portland frequently because my husband is from the area.

Hope you see/meet you someday. Your knitting is gorgeous!

harpyr said...

Thank you! Sorry it took me so long to finally see your comment there waiting to be moderated. I'm pretty neglectful of this blog... Hoping to remedy that soon.

Y'know I definitely have plans to get the wheel out and show her off when she's finished but I've hit another mental block and progress is at a standsill at the moment. I've vowed not to spin another thing on her though until she's finished though so hopefully I'll jump in and finish the rest of it soon.
As long as I'm not too distracted by the new Bosworth spindle I'm expecting in the mail today! lol

I need to get out to one of those knit nights and meet some fibery folks. It's on my to-do list...