Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the first sentence

My dad's sisters came by yesterday and I got to hear the story of my first words. Now I know why my mom and dad always had a hard time remembering what they were.. it's because they weren't there to hear them! The story went that my aunt D (and maybe aunt P but I'm not clear on that) was with my grandpa at the building site of our house. Apparently my dad was sort of detail oriented about how he wanted the house built, whereas grandpa was of the mindset "Lets just get it built" and on this particular day was doing a fair bit of griping. I was probably around age three and hadn't spoken a single word yet. It was very clear that I could understand everything that people were talking about but I was refusing to speak. So on that day, while grandpa was doing all this complaining I finally said my first words, which happened to come out in a perfectly formed sentence-

"What's YOUR problem?"


Jamie said...

This is going to be random, but anyway, Steph, it's Jamie! I was looking at Pagan Crafters on, and I found your pattern for the Leafy Slouch, and I was like, "Hey, that looks like Stephanie. Holy crap, that IS Stephanie." I'm on the waiting list for a Ravelry account (I'm using my girlfriend's account today), but you can e-mail me at, if you want.

harpyr said...

whoa! Totally random and out of the blue but Awesome! I was just thinking about you the other day and went searching for you on Myspace without luck. Ravelry is even better though!